Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beirut 2011

In ocotber 2011 I went in Beirut with my class and the profs Alex Jordan and S.Mazas in the frame of the exchange project -1001 questions- to the AUB students, we stayed 10 days at our exchange student home and as the others went back to Berlin I stayed longer in Beirut.  

The corniche of Beirut

Rewa doing Karaoke

Sabra and Shatila is as Palestinian refugee camp in the center of Beirut.

Assan brought us throug his neighbourhood, he is born and grew up in Sabra.

Noemi and Najwa
 Gemmayze is an area in Ashrafieh, a old christian district of the east side of the downtown.

Me and Charif
The incompetents at the Art Center Beirut

Three hours before I went back to Berlin, from the left Karim, Stephan, Tarek, Charif, Florian and Noemi.

Omar getting a tattoo in his flat in Hamra.

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