Monday, March 26, 2012

Beirut II

After a long walk Anne and me we finally reach the see side, not the Corniche but the real port of Beirut.


"Taxi service" ! Downtown
Valley of Mleeta, south Lebanon. View from the Hezbollah Resistance museum.
Geitawi, where Noemi lived, always in Ashrafieh.
Joelle, showing me pictures of her familiy.

Joelle Aunt and the tee shirt of her son working by Total/Oilstation.
A worker in the port.

The owner sleeping in his shop, downtown near place de l´Etoile.

Near the American University Beirut

Bliss street.
Having the last swim of the year in Tyros, south Beirut.
Sara and the girls in Tyros.

Anna at our stand of the Art Book Fair in the "Souqs/Shooping mall".

Omar in his flat.

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