Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pictures of a Roadtrip I

The adventure began in Namibia. Every one of us Fiona, Henner, Flo, Nabila, Sönke and me arrived to Jakob´s house in Windhoek and then we proceed to the family farm in the savanna, Gollschau. From there we had one week to prepare everything we will need for one month and half road trip throug the desertic area of Namibia, little of Zambia and in the delta of Okavango where Flo lived in Maun part of his youth.
Some of this pictures were taken in Sossusvlei, red sand dunes located in the southern part of the of the Namib desert. Amazing place, the beauty in all his purity.
The picture of Sönke swimming in green water was in Ongongo, a little camping place organized from the local people. We slept in there 2 nights because it was the perfect place to relax after the first week and half that we have been on the road. Ongongo was near Sesfontein and also the first place where we stopped entering the Kaokoveld region.
The last photo is shooten before the little city of Puros, the last place with a shop and people before the skeleton coast, a area where the nature hasnt been touch since the creation of this world..

The last 2 pictures : the first is Sossusvlei, the picture of the girl was in Rundu in Owambo land in the north west of Namibia, she was selling bananas in front of the city market and was happy to be photographed, she expected to see her picture beacuse she thought I had a digital camera.. I felt sorry not to have one a the moment!


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