Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Via Montfort 8, 34123 Trieste

A few minutes ago my mother told me on skype that today she has sell our flat in Trieste. I´ve grew up in this place from my 9 years old in till my twenties.
In december I went there with my best friend Alis, my sister Alba and my father. It was strange to be there, the entire flat was almost empty. It was weird because I knew it was one of the last moment spent in those rooms. When I´ve lived there, emptyness or minimalismus was something I did not knew. Every corner was full of things with a story in it. This time is gone and it´ s good so. Time for new.
Good night via Montfort


Anonymous said...

You've got the message: minimalism and emptyness gives space to be richer inside having less outside.It takes time though to learn how to detach oneself from things full of memories whick build our identities.
Le roy est mort, vive le roy!

Airem said...

Are you maybe my mother, maman?

Franz said...

Just read, and seen, this post. I can't believe it. Now I live in the same street, 3 minutes by feet from that building. Strange feeling to read your thoughts about something I feel so close. Ciao cara.

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