Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sandmann, die Kneipe .

The Kneipe ( the pub or bar ) Sandmann it´s a special place in Neukoelln, one of the most populated neighbourhood of Berlin. No one is stranger in this quarter because all are stranger there.
The Sandmann bar does jam sessions since 14 years every monday, I think nothing changed in this place since then, just the people like us.. students and the new vague of Berlin. Some players makes the same music, the same songs since always, I could say that blues music rules there.
But sometimes come someone or something new a new ryhtm or a new smile wich refresh the truly smoky atmosphere.
I love this place and a lot of my friends does, I really hope it will always stay how it is. A really special piece of Berlin.

The last but one it is me, I like this photo and it was shoot by Elisa :) the girl in the last photo.

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