Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Crónica Incerta"

I made this Illustration in a week in Februar for the story "Crónica Incerta" wrote from Alexandra Saraiva, who I met last sommer in Portugal at Porto. Alexandra, José and others are into a Associaiton called LEMUR, when they can they pubblish little editon of tales with illustration of friends or people they know. The collection of this little books are called "Colecção Há Água em Marte".
I took pieces of the english synopsis version text and put it below the drawings.I´m not so convinced about the cover wich I did in a big hurry before I had to took a plane..

1."A young woman gives birth, inside the ruins of an old factory, by the deserted docks where fishing boats are anchored, in the open air, under the dark sky, full of stars."

2."After giving birth to her first boy, she finds refuge, carrying him in her arms, inside an empty boat with open hatch, which would leave the harbor early morning."

3."The cook of the boat, Giló, is the only mestizo of the crew, always smiling with his open mouth and sparkling white teeth. The following morning he doesn’t smile at all as he finds out his kitchen has been stolen and the rug he used to cover himself with to sleep his siesta in his old rocking chair has gone with it."

4."Giló asks Lázaro to follow him, drags him back to the trap-door and shows him the woman eating the food greedily. Giló told him what happened and his decision of not revealing to anyone their presence in the boat."

5."He would be the one leading the woman and the child safely out of the boat. He would take them to old Nana, a lady arrived many years ago from the cold lands of the North, who used her big old house, surrounded of huge trees, as a shelter for the homeless before they continue the thread of their lives. Old Nana would receive them of goodwill."

6."Before they started walking again, the young man looked at her and smiled. He said some unknown words, but something told her that her next future and the one of her son were in the hands of that stranger. The truth is that she stopped feeling fear and started walking with confidence."


Fra said...

All the illustrations are great!!! I definitely love them, they reminds me something I don't manage to recall right now, but maybe it's just a fusion of things I (we?)'ve seen around and loved :)
I totally agree with you about the cover, I thought before reading your introduction that it was "butada su" but the thing that I really like about it is that is far more clear than the other drawings.

Fra said...

ops, I meant bright! Clear was not the right word :)

pamela berry said...

what a fantastic book! the illustrations are passionate - i love the movement and the energy of them. They feel good

marie said...

ehi fra!!!
non capivo chi eri :)
il tuo inglese é super..e quando poi tra virgolette hai scritto"butada su" ho capito ..
devo dire che é stato molto liberatorio poter disegnare quei paesaggi che come dici é una fusione del mio immaginario ma probabilmente di un immaginario collettivo.
grazie mille per la tua reazione, mi fa molto piacere che ti piacciano e magari giá che ci sono metto anche l´atra versione della cover.
un abbraccio lunghisssssimo

marie said...

Thank you Pamela, it feels good to hear it from someone wich have an idea of this kind of things.

Fra said...

hihihi smart girl :)
ti abbraccio fortissimo anche io, sono super orgogliosa di te ma petite!

David Suter said...

Very nice....

Good use of the spaces, good dynamics of forms and "moving the eye"; also very free drawing and command of the pen....and with emotion.

Beautiful work!

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